A Good Day


A Good Day

“A Good Day” , 2018, is acrylic on 8X8 wood panel.  For me, “good days” are about many things, and so what makes a day “good”  is quite varied.  Maybe it is a day with friends or family where the conversation flows easily, with a light touch and easy laughter, and that in-synch familiarity of companionship. Maybe it is a work day, when everything is clicking and I feel really tuned in, fully present.  Perhaps it is a day when I get to spend much time in nature, when all my senses are alive– with the sound of birdsong, the smell of clean, crisp air with gentle undertones of greenery, the warmth of just enough sun on my skin, the whispering of breeze in the trees.  It is always a good day when I get to paint!  The one thing all such days have in common for me is a sense of gratitude and well-being.  What in this painting reminds you of a good day? When do you feel a sense of well-being?

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